Rates & Fees


Registration Visit$35
Mini Registration Visit (New Home)$25
Review Visit (New Sitter)$24
30-minute Visit $24
45-minute Visit $35
60-minute Visit $44
Additional Pet/Tank/Cage$2.00/each
Dog Run (45 minutes)$35
Dog Park Playtime $40/hour
Overnight Visits$90 and up
House Sitting (no pets)$17
Small Farm ServicesCall for quote
Other PetsCall for quote
Early or Late Visit (before 7am or after 10pm)$15
Last Minute Requests (48 hours notice or less)$30
Oral or Topical MedicationN/C
Subcutaneous Fluids$15 each time
Complete Litter Box Change (Emptying and Cleaning Box and Adding Fresh Litter)$20
Pet Transportation$40 per hour (prorated for exact number of minutes)
Errands$40 per hour (prorated for exact number of minutes plus cost of goods purchased)
Miscellaneous Hourly Service$40 per hour (prorated for exact number of minutes)
Key Duplication$10
Keys Returned Via Certified Return Receipt Mail$20
Keys Pick Up/Returned from/to Client$20 each way
Locksmith/Key Does Not Work$125
Emergency Key Delivery$20
Holiday Visit Surcharge*$7 each visit

*Holidays include New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.