What Clients Say

“Even friends are not a suitable substitute for Carey Pet & Home Care.”

– Eileen M.

"We really appreciate you!!! Gave us such peace of mind during the cold, cold weather."

– Kory M.

“Thank you for taking care of the most important things in the world too me. I came back to happy and healthy pups.”

– Diane M.

"I'm very glad you have this service available. We've submitted our request for Christmas."

– Claire L.

"Our kitties were so calm and happy when we arrived home, you would think we had never left."

– Sharon H.

"Thank you for taking care of Kutu and Ebu. They look really good and seem to have enjoyed their staycation."

– Phill & Rebecca D.

"I love how convenient it is! We had an emergency that prolonged our time out of town, and it was so easy to get another night’s care for Arlo (our cat)."

– Meredith K.

"I like the software you are using which lets us see online comments. Gives us the reassurance that everyone is doing well while we are gone."

– Michael M.

"It is so nice to know that our pets are happy in their home and being cared for while we aren’t there. It was especially nice when we knew bad weather was predicted."

– Richard G.

"Thank you, Team Carey, for making my time away from home much less stressful. My confidence in you was underscored by the happy, healthy dogs that met me at the door."

– Donna H.

"Quick response, excellent service, know your customers & pets well."

– John P.

"Thank you for providing a wonderful service! When I have to leave town, I am finally at peace knowing someone is checking in on my furry friends every day. Seeing how happy and well-adjusted the kitties are when I come home is icing on the cake."

– Jennifer G.

"The visit was easy to schedule online. Prompt response with the invoice is appreciated. The house was surprisingly clean…I was pleased. I have and will continue to use Carey Pet & Home Care and inform others of this great service."

– Susie G.

"I believe the services you provide already exceed that of a typical pet sitter. As always, thank you and your team for looking after my “little” ones."

– Brandie M.