Our Sitters

Our Pet Sitters are critical to making our clients feel comfortable with their choice in pet care. We are committed to a professional culture based on shared goals and mutual respect, encouraging a genuine spirit of cooperation and confidence.

All of our Pet Sitters are bonded and insured, and many are PetTech CPR / First Aid trained. Our sitters are committed to developing a personal relationship with your pets so they will feel comfortable and relaxed during our visits.

Joyce W.
South/Southeast OKC/Moore

Buddy G.

Lyn O.
South OKC/Moore

Paula G.

Victoria P.
Northwest OKC

Tina W.

Courtney M.
Northwest OKC

Kirby J.
OKC Metro

Genny M.
South OKC/West Moore

Robert H.

Marydoris C.

Clara P.
Central/NW OKC

Jana G.

Meryl M.

Amber B.
Central OKC

Emilie E.

Jonni B.
Central OKC

Joyce W. - South/Southeast OKC/Moore

Joyce has always had at least one dog (sometimes more), as well as, numerous birds. Currently, Joyce fosters for Heartland Lab Rescue and takes her therapy dog, Ginger, to visit at area hospitals, children's homes, nursing homes, libraries, DHS, and other organizations sponsoring Therapy Dog visits.

Joyce enjoys every pet she cares for as each one has a unique personality and holds a special place in her heart. Joyce decided to be a pet sitter after retiring from working for years in the administrative field. She was looking for something different and most of all, fun. She loves the welcome she receives from the pets and the appreciation they give for her attention. Joyce realizes how important it is our client's feel their homes and pet will be secure when they are away.

Buddy G. - Edmond

From being a lover of animals in his childhood to transitioning to a career in pet boarding, Buddy is someone who has been an avid pet lover his entire life. Since retiring from a dog boarding business he owned for more than 25 years, he now continues to pursue his passion and love for animals as a Pet Sitter for Carey Pet & Home Care.

When Buddy is not pet sitting, he can be found at home cuddling with his own four dogs. In addition to working with dogs, Buddy rode and trained horses for many years. Buddy has a multitude of reasons he loves pet sitting. He loves it because of the variety of breeds and the attitudes of each that he encounters when doing visits. He also enjoys the relationships that he has built with the pets and the many different adventures he has experienced while caring for them.

Buddy believes clients will feel comfortable with him because he is honest, caring, and knows the importance of giving their animals the utmost care. Not only will he deliver the highest level of care to clients' pets, he will also be respectful of their homes. Buddy believes it is an honor he gets to do something he is so passionate about as a career.

Lyn O. - South OKC/Moore

Lyn has loved animals her whole life. As a child everyone in her family had rescued animals, so she grew up caring about animal welfare. Lyn has four dogs, three that are rescues, and a cat, another rescue. She has fostered dogs of all ages for The Bella Foundation for about three years. Lyn has trained several dogs in obedience and agility, and she introduces her foster dogs to obedience training, even the puppies, during their stay with her.

Lyn is retired from the Federal Government and was a disaster volunteer for the American Red Cross for 10 years. Lyn thinks pet sitting is the ideal job. Being greeted by wagging tails and slurpy kisses make her day. She looks forward to taking care of her client’s pets the same way she would look after her own.

Paula G. - Edmond

Paula’s deep love for animals started in early childhood and has continued to grow throughout the years. Paula has been caring for animals in some way, shape, or form since her first memories.

From caring for her own pets to the dog boarding business she owned with her husband for more than 25 years, Paula’s love and desire to care for animals runs deep. Animals have always been such an integral part of her family.

Paula chose to join Carey Pet because why not be surrounded by animals and work doing something that brings so much joy to her life. She also enjoys being able to ease families minds while on vacation while priding herself in providing the best possible care to the animals. Paula brings extensive experience caring for pets and is truly honored to be a part of this team.

Victoria P. - Northwest OKC

Victoria has been surrounded by animal companions since she was a baby. In 2015 she followed her heart and started working at a dog daycare and suddenly life made a little bit more sense.

After leaving the daycare, she wanted to continue caring for more pets than just her own, so pet sitting was the next logical step. She believes that pets aren’t just pets, they are family. Victoria wants to care for your furry family members so you don’t have to worry while away from home and make sure no detail is left undone.

In the future, Victoria hopes to help save animal lives through rescue organizations or veterinary medicine. Her ultimate life goals are to be an advocate for all animals and help spread the joy that animals can bring to everyone around her.  She wants to meet as many animals - including the more exotic ones - as possible.

Tina W. - Edmond

Simply stated, Tina LOVES animals. She has grown up with and cared for them her whole life. In Texas she grew up with dogs, cats and  a pinto pony. As a child she brought many strays home, even attempting to hide kittens in her bedroom closet. Her parents learned quickly her passion for rescue.

She volunteered for four years with Paws for Life Inc. at the Edmond Animal Shelter. Tina served the last year as the Volunteer Coordinator. While volunteering at the Edmond shelter, she co-created Community Cat Coalition of Edmond which concentrates on caring for and decreasing the feral cat populations around the Edmond area. She has one rescue dog, McDuff and several cats, the oldest Mary Ann at 15, pictured.

She has been pet sitting for friends and family for years.  Tina is very much looking forward to caring for your fur, feather and scale kids. She will absolutely love and treat your four-legged kids as her own.

Courtney M. - Northwest OKC

Courtney has always had two, if not more, animals at any given time.  She’s never met an animal of any sort that she hasn’t instantly fallen in love with.  Starting with a childhood pet cat named Smokey Joe, then a dog, Buddy, came along and it kept going from there.

Currently, she adopted an orange tabby named Zazu and has a Great Pyrenees/Australian Shephard mix named Luna that just turned a year old in February of 2017.  Whether it’s volunteering at her local animal shelter, raising funds for animals in need, or helping out at the local rescue’s adoption days, she’s always had a special place for animals in her heart.

When Courtney isn’t working with Carey Pet clients, you can usually find her with Luna either at the dog park or on the walking trails around the City.  Courtney promises to take care of your pets as if they were children because that’s what your pets are; your furry children. To Courtney, her animals are her world, so why wouldn’t it be the same for everyone else, too? She’s comfortable taking every means necessary to make sure your baby/babies are well taken care of.

Kirby J. - OKC Metro

Since the age of 18 Kirby has been professionally working with animals and knows this is her passion!  She’s owned a variety of animals including snakes, fish, rodents, dogs and cats since the age of 5 when she got her first dog - a Dachshund.

Over the years, she has found pets are true stress relievers, which is why she loves pet sitting.  The unconditional affection from a pet is a very healing property that makes every day great!  Kirby has been volunteering for and fostering for Central Oklahoma Humane Society since 2014 specializing in dogs with PTSD, anxiety and other behavioral issues.

The pet who touched her heart the most so far was a Doberman named Oscar who had no eyes.  He went to dog daycare almost every day and played with the pack like he didn't even realize his ailment!  It was very heartwarming.

Kirby is confident that you can have peace of mind knowing she will care for your pets as she cares for her own! She treats every animal, from snakes to dogs and everything in-between, with dignity, love and respect.  That goes for the home care as well!

Genny M. - South OKC/West Moore

Genny has always lived in homes with pets and believes that it takes a house with pets to make it a home. Growing up in Washington State, she worked as a pet sitter taking care of dogs, cats, small mammals, and occasionally chickens.

Before moving to Oklahoma, Genny spent a couple years in Texas working as a pet sitter where her client list included a hissy “speedy” Russian tortoise named Ivan.

Genny enjoys meeting and making new animal friends and giving clients the reassurance that they will find their house in better shape than they left it. Genny is a current volunteer for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the local libraries.

Robert H. - Edmond

Caring for and showing respect to our fellow beings on this earth has been more and more important to Robert through the years. Along with his wife, Robert has taken care of a feral cat colony for many years.

As many come and many go, Robert has loved and respected them all. Part of the care for the feral colony is assisting with TNR (trap, neuter/spay and release) so that controlling stray populations can be accomplished. Robert’s care for feral cats and other volunteering activities, including rabbit and primate sanctuaries, has easily translated into a wish to take care of pets and animals full time. Pet sitting seemed like the perfect thing to do!

Aside from the care of animals, his main interests include reading and studying of religion and theology. Robert received his Master’s Degree in 2004. Music and art are also intrinsic to his life - appreciating music from all cultures is a lifelong past-time of his.

Pet care and pet sitting is something that Robert thoroughly enjoys because he gets instant satisfaction from seeing a pet’s happy face when he comes to feed, care for and love on him/her. Giving this attention and love to not only his animals, but the pets of others, brings a sense of joy that only a true pet lover can appreciate.

Robert feels that clients allowing us to come into their homes and care for the animals which they cherish as children is an act that is truly sacred. Clients can be sure that he will give their pets all of the love, attention, and care that they need and require.

Marydoris C. - Edmond

She’s been a cat lover and has had cats most of her life. Originally from Chicago, she moved her family to Oklahoma in 1999. She has many furry kids: a dog named Batman; several special cats including Batman's best friend, Slippery Pete; a vision impaired kitty, Kremlin; her special snowflake, Carl, who is allergic to everything; and several senior gals.

Marydoris is the President and co-founder of the Community Cat Coalition of Edmond. She has previously volunteered with the Edmond Shelter, Best Friends of Pets, and the Pet Food Pantry of OKC. She looks forward to meeting and caring for your fur babies!

Clara P. - Central/NW OKC

Clara’s love for animals began with the stray puppy her father brought home the day she was born. Growing up she cared for her own pets as well as those of friends and family.  She enjoyed working at summer camps where she could teach campers about nature and help care for the camp’s horses.

Clara believes no home is complete without the unconditional love of a pet. Her home is made full by four fur babies--two cats, Bongo and Roxster, and two dogs, Lucy and Scout.

As someone who loves to travel herself, Clara understands how reassuring it is to know that your pets and home are cared for while you’re away. Clara treats all pets with love and care as if they are her own.

In her spare time Clara loves to read, listen to music, travel and, of course, spend time with her pets.

Jana G. - Mustang/Yukon/Tuttle

Jana’s always been a pet person. Through her growing up years, she had all kinds of pets such as fish, mice, hamsters, gerbils, snakes, chinchilla, guinea pigs, parakeets, cockatiel, squirrels, cats and dogs. She also had daily chores to care for cows, horses, goats and chickens.

Jana currently volunteers and fosters for The Bella Foundation, which she has done now for a little over 2 years. Jana has helped a lot of cats/kittens/puppies/dogs find their forever homes and every single one of them has a place in her heart.

Jana will treat your home and pets like she would her own and want you to know that they are going to get the best care.  Your pets will be happy and excited when they spend time together while you are away.

Meryl M. - Norman

Meryl has always loved caring for animals and has cared for them ever since she was a little girl with her first pet. Her first experience with pet sitting was about twenty years ago when neighbors asked her to take care of their pets while they were away. Her interests include psychology, exercise, watching movies, and relaxing. She has fostered many cats and several dogs and hopes to foster more in the future.

Meryl says she loves pet sitting because she feels satisfaction and gratification when animals’ needs are met. She is a caring, respectful and organized person who will take care of your pets with a loving heart.

Meryl lives in Norman with her dog and two cats.

Amber B. - Central OKC

Amber grew up to animals running around the house bringing unconditional LOVE!!  She’s always had an animal in her life at any given time…dogs, cats, birds and ferrets.  Amber has always had a passion for animals and taking care of them.   She gets excited before she walks into her house because she knows that her fur babies are there to greet her and give lots of kisses.  Animals bring her JOY!

Amber has been working in the veterinary field as a veterinary technician for over 10 years.  She also has fostered for The Bella Foundation and became a “foster-fail” when she adopted the puppy she was fostering.  She loves teaching her children how to take care of animals, just like she was taught.  Her family’s holiday tradition is to take their children along with our 4 dogs and go look at Christmas lights.

She would love the opportunity to take care of your babies!  Amber has done pet sitting for family and friends for many years.  She feels that it is a privilege when someone allows her to take care of their babies.  Amber would LOVE to spoil your BABIES, like she does hers!

Emilie E. - Norman

As a child, Emilie's pets were always some kind of small, furry critter. This included mice, hamsters, and rats, as well as some neighborhood cats. When she moved into her own place, she was finally able to adopt the cats she had always wanted.

First came Darjeeling, an adorable friendly brown tabby. This led her to employment at the Cat Clinic of Norman, where she enjoyed spending time with the numerous clinic cats, as well as the patients and learned a number of useful medical skills. She loves spending time with the semi-feral kitties, getting them more comfortable with people.

An older orange kitty came to the clinic from one of the shelters with a number of health problems.  He wanted affection, but had trouble expressing this from his years of living outside. She fostered him so he could have experience in a loving home. The situation turned out so well that he was added to her home permanently and given the name Theoden. Add to that four rats named Gabriel, Gabby, Everest, and Denali, and Emilie and her fiance have a very happy, cozy home.

Currently, Emilie is studying social work, with the hopes of getting into animal-assisted therapy. She fosters with Purcell Animal Welfare, Pet Angels Rescue, and wants to start working with a newly started rat rescue in Oklahoma City. Much of her free time is spent knitting with either a cat on her lap or a rat in her shirt. She looks forward to meeting your feathered, furred, scaled, or even hairless pets, big and small, and treating them with all the love, respect and care that they deserve and more!

Jonni B. - Central OKC

Jonni has been pet sitting ever since her older siblings needed someone to watch their pets while out of town. This she enjoyed without getting compensated except for the pure joy of being with the animals. That was a few decades ago.

In 2012 Jonni became a registered veterinary technician. She worked at a 24/7 vet hospital for 7 ½ years. Friends started asking her to watch their pets and homes whenever they traveled out of town. They compliment her by saying they never worry about their pets under her watch.

Up until last year, Jonni volunteered with a therapeutic horse riding program for special needs children and adult, which she found very rewarding. She also volunteers for OKC Animal Welfare. Jonni loves to travel and used to do so for previous jobs. She understands the importance of home and pets being properly taken care of.