Our Sitters

Our Pet Sitters are critical to making our clients feel comfortable with their choice in pet care. We are committed to a professional culture based on shared goals and mutual respect, encouraging a genuine spirit of cooperation and confidence.

All of our Pet Sitters are bonded and insured, and many are PetTech CPR / First Aid trained. Our sitters are committed to developing a personal relationship with your pets so they will feel comfortable and relaxed during our visits.

Joyce W.
South/Southeast OKC/Moore

Buddy G.

Lyn O.
South OKC/Moore

Victoria P.
Northwest OKC

Tina W.

Kirby J.
OKC Metro

Amber B.
Central OKC

Caitlin L.

Maddy W.

Michele B.
The Village/Nichols Hills/Belle Isle

Joni M.

Jess E.
Central OKC

Samantha G.
Far NE OKC/S Edmond

Melody N.
Del City/Downtown OKC

Savannah T.

Dascia W.

Alycia L.

Joyce W. - South/Southeast OKC/Moore

Joyce has always had at least one dog (sometimes more), as well as, numerous birds. Currently, Joyce has two fur babies and takes her therapy dog, Kloey, to visit at the Moore School District several times a week and also to area hospitals, children's homes, nursing homes, libraries, DHS, and other organizations sponsoring Therapy Dog visits.

Joyce decided to be a pet sitter after retiring from working for years in the administrative field and served in the United States Army Reserves for 25 years as well. She was looking for something different and most of all, fun. She loves the welcome she receives from the pets and the appreciation they give for her attention. Joyce enjoys every pet she cares for as each one has a unique personality and holds a special place in her heart. Joyce realizes how important it is that our client's feel their homes and pets will be secure and safe when they are away.

Buddy G. - Edmond

From being a lover of animals in his childhood to transitioning to a career in pet boarding, Buddy is someone who has been an avid pet lover his entire life. Since retiring from a dog boarding business he owned for more than 25 years, he now continues to pursue his passion and love for animals as a Pet Sitter for Carey Pet & Home Care.

When Buddy is not pet sitting, he can be found at home cuddling with his own four dogs. In addition to working with dogs, Buddy rode and trained horses for many years. Buddy has a multitude of reasons he loves pet sitting. He loves it because of the variety of breeds and the attitudes of each that he encounters when doing visits. He also enjoys the relationships that he has built with the pets and the many different adventures he has experienced while caring for them.

Buddy believes clients will feel comfortable with him because he is honest, caring, and knows the importance of giving their animals the utmost care. Not only will he deliver the highest level of care to clients' pets, he will also be respectful of their homes. Buddy believes it is an honor he gets to do something he is so passionate about as a career.

Lyn O. - South OKC/Moore

Lyn has loved animals her whole life. As a child everyone in her family had rescued animals, so she grew up caring about animal welfare. Lyn has four dogs, three that are rescues, and a cat, another rescue. She has fostered dogs of all ages for The Bella Foundation for about three years. Lyn has trained several dogs in obedience and agility, and she introduces her foster dogs to obedience training, even the puppies, during their stay with her.

Lyn is retired from the Federal Government and was a disaster volunteer for the American Red Cross for 10 years. Lyn thinks pet sitting is the ideal job. Being greeted by wagging tails and slurpy kisses make her day. She looks forward to taking care of her client’s pets the same way she would look after her own.

Victoria P. - Northwest OKC

Victoria has been surrounded by animal companions since she was a baby. In 2015 she followed her heart and started working at a dog daycare and suddenly life made a little bit more sense.

After leaving the daycare, she wanted to continue caring for more pets than just her own, so pet sitting was the next logical step. She believes that pets aren’t just pets, they are family. Victoria wants to care for your furry family members so you don’t have to worry while away from home and make sure no detail is left undone.

In the future, Victoria hopes to help save animal lives through rescue organizations or veterinary medicine. Her ultimate life goals are to be an advocate for all animals and help spread the joy that animals can bring to everyone around her.  She wants to meet as many animals - including the more exotic ones - as possible.

Tina W. - Edmond

Simply stated, Tina LOVES animals. She has grown up with and cared for them her whole life. In Texas she grew up with dogs, cats and  a pinto pony. As a child she brought many strays home, even attempting to hide kittens in her bedroom closet. Her parents learned quickly her passion for rescue.

She volunteered for four years with Paws for Life Inc. at the Edmond Animal Shelter. Tina served the last year as the Volunteer Coordinator. While volunteering at the Edmond shelter, she co-created Community Cat Coalition of Edmond which concentrates on caring for and decreasing the feral cat populations around the Edmond area. She has one rescue dog, McDuff and several cats, the oldest Mary Ann at 15, pictured.

She has been pet sitting for friends and family for years.  Tina is very much looking forward to caring for your fur, feather and scale kids. She will absolutely love and treat your four-legged kids as her own.

Kirby J. - OKC Metro

Since the age of 18 Kirby has been professionally working with animals and knows this is her passion!  She’s owned a variety of animals including snakes, fish, rodents, dogs and cats since the age of 5 when she got her first dog - a Dachshund.

Over the years, she has found pets are true stress relievers, which is why she loves pet sitting.  The unconditional affection from a pet is a very healing property that makes every day great!  Kirby has been volunteering for and fostering for Central Oklahoma Humane Society since 2014 specializing in dogs with PTSD, anxiety and other behavioral issues.

The pet who touched her heart the most so far was a Doberman named Oscar who had no eyes.  He went to dog daycare almost every day and played with the pack like he didn't even realize his ailment!  It was very heartwarming.

Kirby is confident that you can have peace of mind knowing she will care for your pets as she cares for her own! She treats every animal, from snakes to dogs and everything in-between, with dignity, love and respect.  That goes for the home care as well!

Amber B. - Central OKC

Amber grew up to animals running around the house bringing unconditional LOVE!! She’s always had an animal in her life at any given time…dogs, cats, birds and ferrets. Amber has always had a passion for animals and taking care of them. She gets excited before she walks into her house because she knows that her fur babies are there to greet her and give lots of kisses. Animals bring her JOY!

Amber has been working in the veterinary field as a veterinary technician for over 10 years.  She also has fostered for The Bella Foundation and became a “foster-fail” when she adopted the puppy she was fostering. She loves teaching her children how to take care of animals, just like she was taught.  Her family’s holiday tradition is to take their children along with our 4 dogs and go look at Christmas lights.

She would love the opportunity to take care of your babies! Amber has done pet sitting for family and friends for many years.  She feels that it is a privilege when someone allows her to take care of their babies.  Amber would LOVE to spoil your BABIES, like she does hers!

Caitlin L. - Edmond

Caitlin was raised around animals of all kinds; dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, llamas, rabbits, lizards, etc. Her mother was an avid animal rescuer. It didn't matter what kind of animal it was, if it needed help, she and her mother would drop what they were doing to go help. No matter where Caitlin was, she was always around animals. Home just didn't feel like home pets!

Aside from rescues, her family also had a passion for Chihuahuas and always had at least three at any given time. Caitlin also helped her grandmother at cat shows. Caitlin's interests outside of pet sitting consists of photography and making dreamcatchers.

Caitlin became interested in pet sitting because she recently started going to college for digital design/web development and can't have animals at college. Caitlin deeply missed always having animals in her daily life and pet sitting gives her that "pet fix" she needs!

Growing up with different types of animals taught her responsibility, compassion and commitment. Caitlin believes that these qualities will help Carey Pet clients feel comfortable with her caring for their homes and four-legged family members.

Maddy W. - Norman

Maddy got interested in pet sitting because she has a huge soft spot for animals. Her parents always told her that she wanted to become a veterinarian ever since she could talk. She has always had a pet in her life. Maddy has had six dogs, three cats, three birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, turtles, geckos, you name it. She currently has four dogs, a 12-year old chocolate Labrador Retriever, a 3-year old Dachshund mix, a 15-year old Corgi mix, and a 1-year old German Shepherd. She also has a cat and a turtle.

Maddy is currently in college to become a vet tech in the near future! She volunteers with the Norman Animal Welfare and her family has also fostered a few dogs from Lab Rescue OK. She worked at a dog daycare where she got to learn about all different kinds of breeds from Tea Cup Chihuahuas to a Great Dane whose head reached her shoulder! That job only grew her love for caring for animals even more.

In Maddy’s spare time, she babysits (eight years running), trains the dogs she has at home, and helps out at the schools where her parents teach. She has a very positive outlook on life and loves helping people when she can! She has a very calm and welcoming demeanor which helps tremendously when working with people and especially animals. She is very attentive and treats every dog she encounters like it is her own. Maddy is so thankful for the opportunity to take care of your fur babies!

Michele B. - The Village/Nichols Hills/Belle Isle

Michele grew up in Oklahoma City and has been a lifelong animal lover and caregiver. Since a small child, Michele has always been an animal magnet - she never had to seek out an animal to adopt, the homeless ones always seem to find her. Even those with homes in the neighborhoods where she lived would track her down for some extra special TLC. She was raised with, and cared for, multiple pets including a horse, a bunny, snakes, iguanas, fish, and a total of 16 dogs and cats. Michele couldn't imagine living her life without them and decided that caring for shelter animals and pet sitting other people's animals would be the perfect solution to fulfill her desire to help both animals and people, while also providing fulfillment to what speaks to her heart.

Michele lived in the Virgin Islands for 20 years as co-owner of an exclusive property management business and is also a licensed Esthetician. In her free time, she enjoys music, dancing, reading and research, but most of all she enjoys being outside as much as possible exploring, taking walks and hikes in nature. And, if there are animals and children around at the same time, she is in heaven.

She is used to caring for and looking after people's homes and their beloved animals providing much needed peace of mind in their absence. Michele is a Foster Volunteer with Central Oklahoma Humane Society helping save lives while providing a great start to future forever homes. Michele truly feels animals are family members and knows from experience how important it is to have someone you can trust and count on to provide them with not only fresh food and water but also loving care and affection while you are away from home. Responsible, organized, trustworthy, loyal, kind and cheerful are words that describe her and you will feel completely at ease knowing that your animals and home will be in excellent caring and compassionate hands.

Joni M. - Edmond

Joni has been an animal lover all her life starting with turtles at age five and then a guinea pig when she was seven. She's always had dogs in her life --usually adopted-- from a Yorkie to a German Shepherd. She's also had cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, and has rescued multitudes of strays and wildlife. Every one of them has been a joy to her and lived their "best life" possible.

Joni is recently retired from the Department of Homeland Security and has been eagerly waiting to spend the rest of her life loving and caring for animals. Pet sitting is the perfect avenue for spreading the love to many new friends - finned, feathered and furry! Having done volunteer work for a rescue sanctuary, Joni realizes that all animals really want is love and care to respond with the purest form of unconditional love. She will always find joy in providing that love and care to your babies while respecting your guidance and property.

Jess E. - Central OKC

Jess has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember caring for dogs, cats, hamsters, a bunny, fish, snails and even a hermit crab. One of her goals is to become a veterinarian and get to spend every day caring for and being around all sorts of animals!  Her pride and joy are her two playful cats named Jasper and Mystery, and an energetic hamster named Peach.

She worked at PetSmart for two years as a pet care member where she and her team took care of the cats, small animals, birds, fish and reptiles. Working there actually led her to meeting and adopting Jasper and Peach! During her time at PetSmart, she learned a variety of knowledge from feeding snakes to giving guinea pigs medication. So no pet or task is too tough in her eyes!

Jess knows how important pets are and how they truly make life brighter. With her patience, neatness and love for animals she is looking forward to helping others with their pet and home needs!

Samantha G. - Far NE OKC/S Edmond

Samantha graduated from OSU/OKC with an Associates in Animal Science and became a Registered Veterinary Technician (RTV) in December 2010.  She enjoyed working in private practice veterinary clinics as well as a low-cost spay and neuter clinic helping low-income families and their pets.  She currently works as an RVT performing tasks such as anesthesia monitoring, dental cleanings, providing medications, treating sick patients, and performing wellness exams on dogs, cats, pocket pets and even exotics at an animal clinic in Edmond.

From 2014-2015, Samantha pet sat for Carey Pet & Home Care but needed to spend more time with her family while her son was growing up.  Now that her son is all grown up, she wanted to pet sit again and we're thrilled to have her back!  Besides pet sitting, Samantha enjoys reading, music, hiking, and cuddling with her two cats Ollie and Baby. She recently added chickens and turkeys to her small farm and enjoys tending to her new little flock.

Samantha takes great pride in treating every person and pet she meets with kindness and compassion.  She looks forward to making and building new lifelong friendships.

Melody N. - Del City/Downtown OKC

Melody recently retired from the VA Medical Center after 15 years as a CNA on the palliative/hospice unit.  She has cared for friends and neighbors pets for about 5 years including two slobbering bullmastiffs, five prize 4H goats, and cats galore.  Loving the pet sitting she has done for others, which kept her happily active, she wanted to do more pet sitting and care for Carey Pet clients.

She has four dogs and a cat -  all rescue pets.  The cat was from one of her former VA hospice patients, assuring him she would take good care of his cat which put the patient at ease.  Melody loves animals and will care for your pet/s with that same love and passion.

Savannah T. - SW OKC

Savannah has never known a life without animals - her family has always had furry (and feathered) friends running around the house. At the age of 17, Savannah quit her job in foodservice and started working as a Veterinary Assistant, and she found her passion! Savannah is working full-time as the Senior Veterinary Technician at her current clinic. Every day, she cares for patients, no matter how big or small, assisting in surgeries, dental procedures, drawing blood, placing IV catheters, administering vaccines, and so much more!

She is currently studying Biology and hopes to attend the University of Central Oklahoma very soon in the future! In her spare time, Savannah enjoys cross-stitching, needle felting, reading, and playing video games. Savannah has her own family of furry companions consisting of her Pitbull named Daisy, her Pitbull mix named Nova, her Calico kitty named Luna, and her Tortie kitty named Tori! Fun fact: Savannah has had Tori since she was just a kitten and Savannah was only 5 years old!

Savannah has lots of experience with animals of all ages and sizes! Being a Veterinary Technician, Savannah has learned all about many different breeds, health conditions, and the personalities that come alongside every individual animal, and what makes each of them special and unique. On top of that, she knows how it is to care for her own pets with chronic illnesses as well. Savannah looks forward to meeting your pets and understanding their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, so she may care for them like they were her own.

Dascia W. - Mustang/Tuttle/Yukon/Newcastle

Dascia has always wanted to pet sit for others because it’s so exciting to meet so many new faces and personalities. She truly understands the trust it takes to let someone watch a member of your furry family. Dascia will treat your pets like her own and looks forward to building new friendships! She always cares for her family’s pets when they’re away and she enjoys working with their dogs training them on basic manners.

Growing up in Mustang, Dascia spent time on her grandparents’ farm. Her love for animals started there and has only grown. When she had to come inside, the animal planets series: Animal Precinct, is all she watched. The series prompted her to volunteer at animal shelters in Yukon, Stillwater and Mustang.

Alycia L. - E OKC

Alycia has a passion for assisting the feral cat over population in the OKC area, so she established and runs a TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) mission for a 30-cat large colony. She has also been a foster parent for 3 dogs and 21 cats to date throughout the past number of years. As a kid, Alycia would go outside and rescue worms after a rainstorm. She has always had a soft spot for animals and would habitually bring home strays animals and even insects. As an adult she hasn't really grown out this habit.

When she is not rescuing animals, Alycia enjoys gardening, painting, and relaxing at home with her eight cats. She currently lives on a farm with chickens, goats, pigs, dogs, and cats and loves caring for all of them. They all have their own unique personalities! Alycia will bring her varied animal care experience in caring for your precious pets.