At Carey Pet & Home Care, our goal is to take the anxiety out of pet ownership by delivering high-quality, reliable, convenient, stress free service to our clients. If you worry about leaving your pet home alone, whether for a few hours during the workday or longer out-of-town trips, you can count on us to treat your pet with special love and care.

Mid-Day Potty Breaks

Worried about your pet while you’re out of the house for work? We can help with a mid-day potty break, and let your pet stretch their legs, and take care of business. Before we leave, we will make sure your pet(s) has fresh water and give them a “treat”.

Mid-day potty breaks are also available in conjunction with our regular pet sitting visits when you are out-of-town.

Dog Walks

Just because you’re stuck inside at work doesn’t mean your dog has to be. We will walk your dog(s) around your neighborhood and, of course, practice proper etiquette.

This service is available as a stand-alone visit for our in-town clients or may be added as an additional visit/service for our clients who are out-of-town.

Overnight In-Home Care

Our goal is to minimize pet stress by offering reliable, consistent care, and to give you the pet owner peace of mind while you are out-of-town. We make sure to provide lots of pampering and extra TLC so your pet won’t miss you too much!

The overnight in-home care provides in-home overnight care for up to five (5) pets and includes your pet’s normal morning and evening care routine.

Pet Sitting Visits

Our regular pet sitting visits are a combination of services that are perfect for when you’re out of town. Choose from a set number of visits per day, and rest assured that your pet will have fresh food and water, timely medication (if needed), and some quality play time. We also give your pet a mini health check-up, checking their eyes, ears, teeth, and paw pads.

Other Services We Offer

We provide a variety of other services that can be mixed and matched to suit your specific needs including:

  • Small Farm Services
  • Other Pets
  • Pet Transportation
  • House Sitting (No Pets)