Regular Pet Sitting Visits


Our Pet Sitting visits include the following combination of pet and home care services when you are out of town.

Cash cuddlingPet Services:

  • One to four visits per day
  • Food and fresh water
  • The "Once Over" (Check eyes, ears, teeth, paw pads, and give a mini-massage
    to check for ticks, fleas, or any injuries)
  • Administer medications
  • Quality play time
  • Litter box maintenance

Home Services:

  • Collect mail, packages, and newspaper
  • Alternate lights
  • Open and close blinds/drapes
  • Turn radio/television on or off
  • Garbage to curb for pick up and back
  • Indoor plants watered (per specific client instructions)
  • Outdoor potted plants watered daily (during summer months)
  • Home emergencies handled using client's preferred contractors
  • Daily security check of property