Why Us?

We know you have many options when it comes to caring for your pet while you’re away:  boarding, online pet sitter services, family members, or the high school kid down the street. So why choose Carey Pet & Home Care?

Carey Pet

Other Options

Comforts of Home
Pets are cared for in the comfort of your home with regular visits for food, water, potty breaks, and play time.Boarding is stressful for many pets for a variety of reasons, and play time usually costs extra.
Customized services to fit your pet’s schedule.Boarding can dramatically alter your pet’s routine for food, water, and potty breaks.
Pets are waiting for you when you return.With boarding, dropping off and picking up your pet is one more thing to fit into your schedule, plus pickup hours are limited to when the kennel is open.
Consistent, Reliable Care
We strive to provide a consistent sitter, and we have a clear process for communicating your pet’s needs when a backup sitter is needed.Online pet sitting services or the neighbor kid may not offer backup options if the sitter has a conflict, and they may not be able to accommodate a flight delay or other schedule change.
Insurance and Bonding
All sitters are bonded for your protection.Many online pet sitter services leave bonding to the individual sitter, and friends or family are rarely bonded.
Liability insurance covers all sitters.Most online pet sitting services limit the amount for a liability claim, so you may still be out money if something happens while the sitter is at your home.
Communication and Customer Service
After each visit, you will receive an email with notes from your pet sitter to give you peace of mind.Other services may not have a system to provide regular updates about your pet, which can leave you wondering how they’re doing while away.

The comforts of home

Boarding can be stressful for many pets for a variety of reasons. When you choose Carey Pet & Home Care, your pet remains in the comfort of your home where they can relax, enjoy their toys, and sleep in their own crate or bed.

Our pet sitting visits ensure regular food and water, play time, and a mini health check. We customize our services to fit your pet’s schedule, not the other way around.

Plus, with in-home care, you don’t have to drop your pet off before you leave, and they’re waiting for you when you return.

Consistent, reliable care

Sometimes life happens, both for you and for the family member or friend who may be caring for your pet, and that may mean your pet doesn’t get the care they need at the right time.

At Carey Pet & Home Care, our team approach ensures consistent and reliable care while you’re away. We strive to provide a consistent sitter for your pet, but we also ensure backup coverage at all times.

Whether it’s a last-minute meeting at work or a delayed flight headed home from vacation, we can also accommodate changes to your schedule.

Fully insured and bonded

What happens if that family friend, neighborhood kid, or online pet sitter gets injured in your home?

It’s not a situation anyone thinks will happen, but sometimes it does. Carey Pet & Home Care is fully licensed and insured to protect you and our sitters should the unexpected happen during a visit.

Communication and customer service

If you’re out of town or have a new puppy that needs a mid-day potty break, you probably wonder how they’re doing while you’re away.

At Carey Pet & Home Care, we value customer service and communication with our clients. After each pet visit, you will receive an email with notes from your pet sitter about the visit, which can bring you extra peace of mind.